Jeremy Worried About The Wind by Pamela Butchart

Jeremy Worried About The Wind

By Pamela Butchart

Illustrated by Kate Hindley

Nosy Crow Ltd


ISBN: 978788007740

Age range: 3-6 years

“Jeremy worried about the wind” by Pamela Butchart is a story about a boy consumed by worries who, with the help of his friend, faces his greatest worry and is transformed by it.  The list of Jeremy’s worries presented at the beginning of the book is humorous and provides an opportunity for the reader to compare their own worries to those of Jeremy’s. The story itself provides an opportunity to talk with children about the nature of irrational fears and how to overcome them.

The turning point for Jeremy comes when he meets a new friend, Maggie. Unlike Jeremy, Maggie is carefree and unintentionally introduces Jeremy to all sorts of dangerous activities, such as eating crackers. In return Jeremy endeavours to keep Maggie safe. The climax of the book occurs when Jeremy faces his greatest fear, (the wind), in order to save his friend. He is blown away and taken on a series of dangerous adventures, which are explored in text-less comic book style illustrations. This allows the reader to interpret and perhaps even create their own dialogue to accompany Jeremy’s adventures.   Upon his return it is clear that Jeremy has overcome his fears as he wants to do it all again.  The tone of the text is whimsical and humorous, with meandering sentences leading to punchy jokes. 

The illustrations by Kate Hindly, focus on the eyes and expressions of the characters, which are oversized compared to their bodies and match the comical tone of the text. The colour palate is muted but still lively, and the full page comic book style section of the book captures Jeremy’s adventures in detail.