This is my Dad by Dimity Powell and Nicky Johnston

This is My Dad

Dimity Powell (author) and Nicky Johnston (illustrator)
EK Books: 2022
ISBN: 9781922539076
Age: 4+

Reviewed by Viv Young

Leo is worried about the new show and tell topic about dads at school because he doesn’t know his father, but there is someone else who is cool and courageous to talk about.

Dimity Powell and Nicky Johnston tackle a difficult but important topic with this picture book, namely kids who have no significant contact with a father figure. The resolution of the story affirms the role of mums who are both mother and father, loving, supporting and inspiring their children. The latter is playfully conveyed through the occupation of Leo’s mum who is a writer of wild fantasies but also the kind of mum who makes his favourite pizza. There are poignant moments in the story. For example, when Leo imagines what his father might do for a living and when he asks the next-door neighbour to stand in for his dad. These moments add authenticity to what is a challenging topic and opportunities to discuss the broader topic of parenthood without identifying any one situation that may or may not be relevant to particular families.

The artwork for This is my dad uses a broad pallet of muted bright colours that bring out the fun of Leo’s home, which is full of books, pets and artworks. These details and the pink, purple and orange backgrounds at home give the appearance of warmth and safety. The use of thought bubbles and symbols also helps explore some of Leo’s feelings and those of his school mates around the topic of dads, giving due weight to the importance of fathers for many kids and providing opportunities to extend discussion of the book to all children.

This is my dad is an important book for families that may not find themselves represented in picture books often. It is also a useful resource for any family wishing to explore different family structures. The topic is sensitively negotiated by the picture book creators who craft a space in which many different families could fit and feel comfortable while telling a story that is both realistic and positive.

Teachers notes and also fun activities can be downloaded from the publisher.