Welcome to Picture Book Parents! Check out our Reviews page for loads more book reviews organised according to topic (e.g. Bullying, Divorce, Emotions). We’ll use this blog to let you know when we’ve added a new review, found a new fun resource, or reviewed a book for which we don’t yet have a review list.

Some Stuff by Elizabeth Ring

SOME STUFF by Elizabeth Ring Illustrated by Anne Canevari Green The Millbrook Press Inc 1995 ISBN 1562944665 Age range 3-7 “Some Stuff” by Elizabeth Ring is the story of Lenore, a girl with lots of toys but no one to play with.  She meets a new boy, Jerome, from next door and in her excitement … Continue reading

Fun Resource: Inkless Tales

Inkless Tales is a fun reading/writing/information site for ages two to middle primary school. It has stories, poems, music, games, printables, writing prompts and more. Children can submit their own stories and questions to the creator, Elisabeth Williams Bushey. The site pages contain a lot of information and children may need assistance to navigate each … Continue reading

Lucy and Sad by Kitty Black and Jess Rose

Follow your feelings: Lucy and Sad Kitty Black (author) and Jess Rose (illustrator) Affirm Press: 2021 ISBN: 9781922419781 Age: 4+ Reviewed by Viv young When Lucy is excluded at school, she is joined by Sad, a large blue bear. Lucy tries to make Sad go away, but she has to find ways to comfort him … Continue reading

Frizzle and Me by Ellie Royce and Andrew McLean

Frizzle and Me Ellie Royce (author) and Andrew McLean (Illustrator) Ford St: 2021 ISBN: 9781925804744 Age: 3+ Reviewed by Viv Young As one child’s blended rainbow family grows and grows, the roles that make everyone important for that child stay the same. Frizzle and Me is a heart-warming, humorous story that balances its emphasis on … Continue reading

The Rough Patch by Brian Lies

The Rough Patch Brian Lies Harper Collins: 2018 ISBN: 9780062671271 Age: 4+ Reviewed Viv Young Evan (a fox) and his pet dog enjoy music, adventures, and working in their prize-winning garden. When Evan’s dog dies, he allows their much-loved garden to be overrun by weeds until something grows that helps him come to terms with … Continue reading

New Fun Resource – The Spaghetti Club

The Spaghetti Book Club is a resource where children can read book reviews written by other children. Children can search for reviews based on their interests. Schools and teachers can subscribe to allow their students the opportunity to submit reviews. The administration provides scaffolding which assists all children to cover the necessary elements they require … Continue reading

Want to Play Trucks by Ann Stott and Bob Graham

Want to play trucks? Ann Stott (author) Bob Graham (illustrator) Walker Books 2018 ISBN: 9780763681739 Age group: 3+ Reviewed by Viv Young Two boys—Jack and Alex—are playing in the sandpit at a local playground while their mums chat on a bench and a baby sleeps in a stroller.  It soon becomes apparent that while ‘Jack … Continue reading


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