When Creature met Creature by John Agard and Satoshi Kitamura

When Creature met Creature

John Agard (author) and Satoshi Kitamura (illustrator)

Scallywag Press: 2022

ISBN: 9781912650507

Age: 3+

Reviewed by Viv Young

Creature-Of-No-Words feels but does not speak until he meets Creature-of-Words who helps him feel and speak.

With great compassion and insight, the creators of When Creature Met Creature have produced a story that encourages readers to perceive the role of language in expressing emotions and, even more importantly, its role in enabling humans to receive comfort when their emotions are challenging. John Agard’s rhythmic and periodically rhyming text is a pleasure to read aloud. It gives voice to a process most children have to go through yet can’t articulate and it does this with great kindness; never, for example, judging Creature-of-No-Words when he thumps his chest or groans.

The artwork for When Creature met Creature is bright and scribbly! Kids will love the illustrations which, although sophisticated, never lose touch with their young audience. The use of scratchy texta like marks, bold colours, and arresting patterns are reminiscent of young artists yet the depth of expression on the creatures’ faces and use of subtle symbolism and repetition leave adult audiences in no doubt of the illustrator’s great expertise and skill.

When Creature met Creature is a touching story that feels like a story; it notices rather than teaches about that tricky stage when kids are just learning to voice their emotions. It will be a great addition to any library!

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